Gender Research Library(GRL), Nagoya University, was founded in 2017 for the purpose of the general advance in the gender research. GRL is the first university library in Japan that specializes in feminism and gender research. In addition to collecting books, magazines, journals, brochures and other historical materials, this library serves as a research center for researchers, students and the general public.
 Our primary collection is donated by the Tokai Foundation for Gender Studies(TFGS) and Professor Emerita Tamae Mizuta of Nagoya University of Economics, who is also an advisor of TFGS. As the gender research is the cross-disciplinary and comprehensive field, GRL gathers and preserves a wide range of books and materials.
 We are open to anyone who is interested in feminism and gender problems.

The following are our policy.
1. We build the library and archives for preserving ≪knowledge≫ of the gender-related problems in order to assist gender researchers.
2. We contribute to the paradigm change of 21st century’s knowledge by studying gendered institutions and practices.
3. We develop the network center for gender research both in Japan and abroad and for diffusion of its knowledge.


Opening hours Tuesday to Thursday, Saturday 10:00-17:00 / Friday 10:00-20:00
Closed Sunday, Monday, National Holiday, New Year’s Holiday (December 28 – January 4)
The library may be closed on a special occasion.(e.g. summer holiday of Nagoya University)
The detailed schedule will be shown on our website.
Access Furocho Chikusa-ku Nagoya Japan 464-8601